You will have an opportunity to see and visit the highlights of Donetsk during the 2-hour City Tour by an comfortable couch. The City Tour can be guided by our English/German/Spanish speaking guide who will take you around to the historic places of interest, to let you feel the spirit of the city.

Price for a tour, incl. transport & English/German/Spanish/French speaking guide services:
110 Euro total for 1-3 persons
180 Euro total per group (up to 17 persons)
190 Euro total per group (up to 30 persons)
210 Euro total per group (up to 46 persons)

Departure time and place: The tour takes 2 hours and take place as agreed. Time and meeting place during our confirmation.


The Monument to Donbass Liberators

The monument is located close to Donbass Arena Stadium and is the largest one in the south-eastern part of Ukraine, the main military history monument of the city and Donetsk region. It was erected 25 years ago to honour the military units, which had liberated Donbass from the Nazis during the World War II. The composition features figures of a miner and a soldier with a banner. The figures of the Liberators are a part of Donetsk emblem – just another evidence of its big importance for the city.

There is a panoramic view of the industrial city with coal slag heaps typical for Donetsk.

In addition to the monument the memorial complex includes military equipment platform, Veterans minipark, honor roll dedicated to partisan underground movement, the memory bell and the Monument to veterans of Soviet war in Afghanistan.

Donetsk Park of forged figures

This is a park with sculptural compositions, forged from metal. It is located in the city centre, near the Donetsk City Executive Committee.

The annual International Festival of blacksmithing skills takes place here. The best works remain in the park as a gift to the city.

There are 93 sculptures in the Forged Figures Park now.

The Ukrainian Pavilion and Dragon Pavilion, the Sweethearts Pavilion , the Fairy Tales Alley, the Zodiac Signs Alley and other ones adorn this park.

Nearby are fields of fairy tales, which are carved out of linden and beech solid wooden sculptures of fantastic here.

Pushkin's parkway – Ukrainian Steppe or Scythian Motives

Pushkin Boulevard is considered as one of the most beautiful places in Donetsk city.

There are a copy of Mertsalov's Iron Palm — symbol of the city , sculpture Park «Ukrainian steppe.» or “Scythian Motives” which includes 11 sculptures, presented to Donetsk by Ukrainian and German sculptors , the forged sculpture-fountain «Rivers of Donbass» , Donetsk Stars Alley.

Monument to Taras Shevchenko

Taras Shevchenko is the great son of the Ukrainian people.

The son of a serf, Shevchenko became not only an artist and academician of Saint-Petersburg Academy of Art, but one of the most versatile people of 19th century.

He is the great Ukrainian poet, artist and thinker. The pedestal of the monument is decorated with personages from his poems.

Central Lenin Square

The geographical and public heart of the city is the Lenin Square is nestled in the very hub of the city life.

The place hosts all municipal celebrations, public events and sports competitions and is a recreation area number one.

It is surrounded by the Prokofiev Concert Hall , the pompous building of the Ex-Ministry of Mining Industry and Donetsk Drama Theatre.

In late spring, summer or early autumn you can enjoy the Music Fountain. With the sunset, the fountain starts “dancing” to the music coming from the nearby speakers.

The main sight here is, of course, the Lenin Monument. Donetsk is probably the last city in the world with a huge monument to Lenin in the central square.

Residents of Donetsk have buried their letters to future generations under the flagstones of the monument, but memories of the communist past are not that strong with the youth, who use the place as a skating-ground.

The granite pedestal of the monument resembles the outlines of a coal seam.

Donbass Arena Stadium – Diamond of Donetsk

The new stadium with 50 000 seats in the center of Donetsk - the first stadium of “Elite” Class in Eastern Europe, designed and built according to the highest standards of UEFA.

Donbas arena was included in the official bidding project submitted by Poland and Ukraine for hosting UEFA Euro 2012. The stadium will host group stage games and one quarter-final and one semi-final game.

The soaring roof effect makes the Stadium resemble a flying saucer. The external lighting makes the Stadium shine at night.

On the square in front of “Donbass Arena” the soccer ball fountain is set. 28-ton ball with a diameter of 2.7 m is spinning because of the pressure of the water. It is considered to be the largest spinning granite ball in the world.

Next to the stadium there is a park with fountains, ponds and rock garden.

Holy Transfiguration Cathedral

The construction of stone building of Orthodox Church in Yuzovka began in place of a wooden church in autumn 1883. The church was opened in 1886. The cathedral was destroyed in 1933 during Soviet campaign against religion.

In 1992, the city council of Donetsk decided to start the construction of the cathedral on the site of the old cemetery. The new cathedral is not a replica of the destroyed one. The location of the cathedral is not the same also. The construction began in 1997. Today the cathedral is one of the main churches of Donetsk.


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