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Relax Tour "Thermal Transcarpathia"
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Relax Tour "Thermal Transcarpathia"


                  Relax Tour "Thermal Transcarpathia"


In the middle of the old village Chinadievo is gloomy medieval Castle "St. Micklosh" (XIV), with an interesting interiors, and courageous Ilona Zrini bedroom where she met with Count Imre Tekeli.


We propose you to review St. Martyn Chapel (XIV), Rakotsy Palace (1663) and green Townhall (1903). Who likes honey we invite to taste the apiculture’s outcomes in “Honey House”. After walking around the downtown you can taste different desserts in “Bondarenko pastry”. Who wishes to make own life sweeter should rub the cherry on the first in Ukraine Pupil Pastry Monument, which is next to the “Bondarenko pastry”.


If you wish to feel yourself in other country where nobody speaks English, Ukrainian and Russian, you should go to capital of Hungarian part of Ukraine – Berehovo. The town proposes for guests Gothic Church of All Saints (1370), Reformer church (XV), "Count Yard" - Prince Bethlen mansion (1629), stately building of the imperial court (1908) and Casino "Gold peahen." But the biggest attraction is a pool with unique thermal water that rises from a depth of 1600 m and treats from 86 diseases.The similar water is only in New Zealand


The first mention of this ever-border town on the River Uzh dates from the year 872, it will amaze you by charm and flair even the most demanding tourist. Take a walk the historic streets - Korzo, in any case inspect the most famous temple of the Cross Cathedral Church (1841), the Roman Catholic Church of St.. George (1775) and review one of the oldest in Ukraine castle (XIV), Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (Skansen) and visit the cult inn "Detsa u notarya"


There is Lumshory spa resort at the foot of the highest mountain valley of Ukrainian Carpathians meadow Runa, known since XVII century. It is closely intertwined heavenly beauty of nature and the elements of hell - huge metal vats in which you will be cooked on low fire in hydrogen sulphide mineral water. For more enjoyment you can alternate "cooking" in the vat and bathing in cold river water. This holiday leads to healing of musculoskeletal system and rejuvenates the body for ten years.

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